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Oshashiburi desu!

Hello, my dear f-list! It's been forever since I last posted. RL seemed crazy that I kinda ignored the fandom. Nothing earth-shattering happened but my interests kinda veered differently.

Since I had been inactive for quite awhile, my membership in my beloved forum was nullified which kinda bummed me out. I don't blame the mods since they have to follow the rules of actively posting in it. I guess I have to register again to gain access. T_T

Another thing is that my trusted Macbook White breathed it's last after only 3 years and 9 months. Tech-challenged that I am, I failed to back up my data which included all my downloaded vids of my OTP. I was so disappointed and mad at myself and Apple too! After paying premium on their product, I expected it to last me 5 years since I'm careful with it and just using it for basic stuff. Wanted to get it fixed so it went all the way to their motherland in California but no dice since the part that was needed is deemed obsolete. So, I swore to myself to switch to the other camp.

Windows 8 is a whole new nightmare altogether but maybe it's just getting to know pains that I'm going through right now. Switching has it's pros and cons. So far, the cons are outweighing the pros. :( BUT I will not be defeated!!!

Hopefully I'll be more active in LJ like I used to and get reacquainted with my awesome f-list!

Mao on AnS Impressions...

 The most awaited guesting of Mao on AnS made every fangirl count the hours and days. Preview pics that was on tv magazines further fueled the fire. Everybody's imagination is running wild and ever hopeful of some skinship or a wee bit of raburabu to warm our hearts. Then the day finally came. Ironically, it was Thanksgiving so it was even more special. Of course, me being not so good at techy stuff, is lying in wait for those kindhearted souls in LSS to provide links where I could see it. Finally, I did.....

 IT WAS WAY BETTER THAN HnA!!!!!!!! Everybody's relaxed and comfortable. Well... almost everybody except for Jun who tried his darnnest yet again to act nonchalant yet there are moments when he's so obvious (stolen glances, warm looks, etc..). 


  When Sho initiated the 2 shot between our couple... (a fellow shipper too, no doubt!). Both sported different looks compared to Hanadan days but dang... they really do look good together!  Mao with Nino (kawaii too!) and was I ever surprised when Ohno sat so close to her too to have his own chance at the 2 shot (of course, jealous Jun immediately said it looked weird...) LOL....

 LOVED Mao's expressions when Jun revealed the top European ice creams! Kkkyaaa~ing when Jun introduced this segment. Same thing with  the Cinderella Parfait which costs US$1200! Too bad about the whipped cream though. He so wanted to impress her...

 Unexpected Maojun moment when she whispered to him after tasting the corn soup ice cream during Aibaka's segment. Both let out a laugh and I caught Jun's tender look which made me hyperventilate. LOL....

 Absolutely found the English Angola sooo kawaiii~ esp in Mao's arms. They made a pretty picture! Even Nino said so! And who can forget that shot of Mao feeding it and Jun handing her the grass??? 

 Have something in common with Mao-chan... I can't touch the ground too!!! Still have to try that napkin trick one of these days... LOL.. 

Can't wait to see Mao riding the unicycle and I'm resigned not to see the one and only skinship that was shown in one of the preview pics. Aaarrrghhhh.... WHY DO THEY HAVE TO EDIT THE REALLY GOOD PARTS???? >.<


Inoue mao on VIP Room....

 just watched the subbed version from ouiji_to_hime community...... KKKKYYYYYAAAAA........ i love how sho was saying that mao's pie chart should contain personal stuff like barbecued beef or OUT FOR A DRIVE and not promo work for sp and her movie. my eyes totally bugged out when i heard that! it dawned on me that matsujun always does the driving thing in order to confess for every vip room segment guest. another thing to connect both of them. *flails*  one other thing is when jun asked aiba how is mao's score in playing golf compared as a beginner. aaaawwww so sweet! eventhough there's not much interaction between them, watching this vid over and over again made me realize there is definitely something going on if you look closely.....



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